Katrina Ricarte
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Major in Media Production
Batch 2016
Assumption College alumna, Katrina Ricarte, shares how her college education and student experience made her realize that writing is something she is meant to do. Known by her pen name, Kaye Allen, Kaye has published four books since graduating in 2016: “Chasing Sunsets”, “Falling Falling”, “Words, Fate & Accidents”, which was released internationally; and “Laws of Motion and Attraction”.
May this inspire you to grab a book or even start writing your own story! Kaye Allen’s books are available in National Bookstore.
Khadlyn Ramos
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in International Business
Batch 2012
From having the desire to study Business in top universities in the Philippines and out in the west, to ending up in a women’s college in the city of Makati, listen to our alumna, Khadlyn Ramos, as she shares her Assumption journey and how her decision to stay in the latter turned her life around.
Inspired by the words “Bloom where you are planted.”, Khadlyn grabbed every opportunity that was being presented to her 12 years ago. This is her story.