Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education program is an advanced academic degree designed to prepare educators and professionals for leadership roles in education. This program combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to equip graduates’ teaching, research, and management competence to address the diverse challenges educators face today.


At the end of the program, the graduate must be able to:


1.     Apply the underlying principles of transformative education, grounded on the pedagogical content knowledge, to create safe learning-centered environments and select appropriate teaching methods and assessments to suit the needs of various learners.

2.     Create innovative, research-based, and inclusive curricula that meet the demands of contemporary educational standards.

3.     Engage in a collaborative professional learning community to improve teaching practices and student achievement;

4.     Exude a healthy sense of self that engages in self-reflection for self-improvement, which allows them to inspire and motivate the faculty, students, and other stakeholders to be a force of positive change in schools.

5.     Engage in research-driven undertakings to solve problems, design interventions, and address gaps related to trends and issues in education and, in so doing, contribute to nation-building.



The Master of Arts in Education program is offered in modules and typically spans two and a half years. The curriculum comprises professional education courses, major courses, and electives. A comprehensive examination is given at the end of the coursework before the student embarks on the thesis. Classroom instruction, hands-on practical experiences, and internship opportunities are integrated into the program to facilitate the real-world application of acquired knowledge.



MAE major in Educational Leadership and Management


This degree equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking required to lead educational institutions effectively, drive positive change, and shape the future of education.


MA Early Childhood Education


The Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education is an advanced academic program designed for educators who aspire to specialize in teaching and leading in early childhood education. This comprehensive program aims to equip graduates with a deep understanding of the unique developmental needs of young children and provide them with the skills and knowledge to create nurturing and enriching learning environments for preschool-aged learners.