Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Program helps aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the skills, values and behaviors that are vital for the success of any business through a combination of classroom training and experiential learning. It is an interdisciplinary and problem-focused program comprising core business and management education courses, entrepreneurship core courses, specialization courses and electives that fosters innovation and encourages committed action.

The program trains graduates to set up and manage their own business or work as intrapreneurs in various business functions within a corporate environment through the provision of a balanced set of courses in several functional areas of management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Each specialization consists of courses designed to further develop the knowledge and skills needed by graduates to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in their fields of interest. Students are given extensive opportunities to apply entrepreneurial skills rooted in a strong foundation of business knowledge. Students learn to recognize opportunities, generate ideas and innovate, develop viable business plans, and design and develop products.Students are required to complete a business plan which they will then implement.