Graduate School

Mother Carmen Graduate School

The Graduate School was established in 1997 to respond to the expressed needs for personal, professional and career growth of individuals from various sectors, namely: the academe, church, business, government and non-governmental agencies as well as sectarian and non-sectarian organizations. It creates opportunities through network of partners in the field of continuing Education and Psychological services for degree and non-degree programs.
The Graduate School enables the students:

  • To undergo an ongoing program for professional growth;
  • To become Christ-centered specialists who will continually upgrade and enrich their professional, occupational and social life, and those of others within their sphere of influence; and
  • To experience intellectual exploration, independent initiative, advanced research, and the mastery of skills essential to meaningful and successful work.
The Master of Arts Programs require students to pass a comprehensive examination and a thesis. These programs have 36 units of coursework and six units of thesis. As a final output, the students must have at least one publication in a refereed journal.