Master of Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology program is an advanced academic degree designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of human behavior, mental processes, and complexities of the human mind. It prepares students for the professional practice of psychology (teaching, research, clinical, and industrial/ organizational psychology) in the context of the Philippines and Asia.


The MA in Psychology program offers an extensive curriculum covering a broad range of topics within human psychology.  The coursework is designed to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge while focusing on practical applications in psychology. Students are exposed to the latest research findings, methodologies, and ethical considerations to prepare them for various roles within the field.

A crucial component of the MA in Psychology program is hands-on experience and research. Students engage in various research projects, data analysis, and experimental studies under the guidance of experienced faculty. Students are also required to complete internships in clinical or counseling settings, providing valuable real-world experience.


At the end of the program, the graduate must be able to:


1.     Use psychological theories and principles to diagnose problems, generate solutions, and design interventions in their professional capacity.

2.     Adhere to and apply ethical principles in weighing evidence, tolerating ambiguity, and reflecting values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a discipline;

3.     Communicate with people in a variety of contexts, which include working with others, facilitating discussions that foster understanding, and presenting research in written and oral formats;

4.     Demonstrate accountability and integrity in professional and personal relationships;

5.     Generate new knowledge based on evidence from local culture and context, using psychological concepts and theories and

6.     Accurately evaluate her performance in various roles (personal, academic, professional, etc.) and different settings.